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The Retired Section

Earlier this year (2015), I retired all of the old CDs.  Here they are, just for old-time's sake.
Hard at Work cover
Hard At Work
Recorded 2012/13; released 2013
Special Delivery cover
Special Delivery
Recorded and released 2011
Grows On You cover
Grows on You
Recorded and released 2010
Gets Scared cover
Gets Scared
Recorded 2009/2010; released 2010
Blind Date cover
Blind Date
Recorded and released 2009
Drives It Home Cover
Drives It Home
Recorded and released 2008
Hits The Spot cover
Hits The Spot
Recorded 2007; released 2008
Lays Back cover
Lays Back
Recorded and released 2006
I'll Spy Anything Twice cover
I'll Spy Anything Twice
Recorded and released: 2005
Coffee Stains cover
Coffee Stains
Recorded: 2004 Released: 2005
Landing Strip cover
Landing Strip
Recorded and released: 2004
The Spy Is The Limit cover
The Spy Is The Limit
Recorded and released: 2003
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