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1987 Gibson Les Paul Junior


To be young again.  Just kidding, I wouldn't go back.  I didn't play as well learning as I do now after playing too many years to mention.   Still, it's my first good guitar and I bought it with money that I made washing dishes at a restaurant.

I'm not sure why I took to the look of a Junior but it was probably Joe Walsh's fault.  I was, and am, a big Joe Walsh nut.  In Guitar World they had a write up on him and his tour for Got Any Gum and there was a page or two that showed all of the guitars he was bringing on tour with him.  Sure enough, there was the single cutaway Junior.  And then, I don't know if it was the same magaizine, I saw a black and white picture of him playing the Junior again (no slide), looking like he does in that picture. 

The Junior just looks cool.  I remember getting this in the spring and right before my very first time playing in public with the first band I was in, all at a high school dance.  That's a lot of firsts.  Once I got the Goldtop in 1990, this was my main spare, instead of a "borrowed" partscaster I used to bring out.  Once I got a 1995 Les Paul Special (with P100s), the Junior pretty much stayed home.  That doesn't mean it didn't or doesn't get played.  Ever since I had an extra gig guitar, this got tuned up to Open E and has been like that ever since. 

If you hear slide on any song of mine, chances are it's this guitar, and chances are it's this guitar with a BOSS DS-1.  It's the slide guitar on Woke and Pool With A Rope (see below).

There's not much else I can say about the guitar.  The only modification to it was a refret.  Everything else is stock.  What I like about this Junior opposed to the original '56, is this has a Tune-o-matic bridge on it.  35 years later, they can't even do that on current models and if I'm not mistaken, this would the only period a Junior would get a Tune-o-matic.



1987 Gibson Les Paul Junior (Tobacco Sunburst)

Serial No: 80477514
Price paid: $725 Cnd; Bought new 1988; chainsaw case


Solid Mahogany Neck and Body

TTune-O-Matic, Stopbar


Fingerboard Inlay
Rosewood Dot

Scale Length
24 3/4"


1 P90

Last Heard: 

And it's not going anywhere.

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